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Urvi Vora

Posted on November 25 2017

Thank-You for visiting our Website!

If you're reading this, it means we've just launched and you're one of the first people to visit our site! Yay!

We're so happy to be able to bring the World of Trousseau online but we couldn't do this without you (yes you!) and the continual support we have from all our Trousseau-neers who help us spread #TrousseauFever through our social media pages so a big thank you from us to you!

So what's changing now we're online? The ease at which you get to pick your pieces!

You will now find the full Spring/Summer Pret Collection online for you to browse through and personalise at the click of a button. Choose the piece you like, then pick your finish and stone to see the piece before it's packaged and sent to you!

But the big news? The LIMITED collection will have an exclusively curated collection by Urvi released every THURSDAY morning that will stay online until the end of Sunday. Remember these pieces are one-offs so once they're gone, they're gone so act quick if you like something!

For those that kindly pre-signed up to our mailing list, here's the extra good news... as a special thank-you we will be sending you an exclusive discount via email on our next Trousseau Thursday as well as a special gift if you make a purchase online on our launch weekend!

Stay tuned here for all our latest news and events... but if you love your #TrousseauFix as much as us, then we would be much obliged if you help us spread the love by sharing our new website with those you think would covet our pieces as much as you do!

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