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Pret Collection

Who is ‘Eve’ I hear you ask?

Eve is the alluring goddess, warrior and empowering woman that lies in all women. The collection was borne from the question, if Eve travelled the Earth for the first time in the here and now, who would she be inspired by?

So in our first Pret collection, you’ll find an array of women who have inspired us all culturally and historically. From Diana, the Princess who stole our hearts to Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Durga, the Warrior Goddess. ‘Eve’ also drew much inspiration from Urvi's extensive travels.

Each piece represents a facet of our personalities and strengths as women and like all the above beautiful icons, we understand that you have your own special essence and way of wearing your #TrousseauFix. Because of this, we've worked hard to ensure this  collection is full customisable online so you can personalise a piece to choose:
1. The Semi-Precious stone(s) used- See the full range of choices here
2. The Type of Plating used- Silver, Gold or Mixed Rhodium/Gold 

Whilst our Pret collection may be producing more of each design we haven’t stepped away from our commitment to ensure each piece remains an investment to treasure and contains the standard Trousseau promise of:
- A Silver based alloy
- Semi-Precious Stones
- A Plated precious metal finish

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