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Welcome to the World of Trousseau!

If you’re casually browsing through this Website, we need to give you a warning in advance. You’re in serious danger of catching #TrousseauFever!

Our customers tell us it’s highly contagious, extremely addictive and requires regular helpings of something they call their #TrousseauFix to keep cravings at bay… so carry on browsing at your own risk.

Trousseau Jewels was initially established in 2013 as a bespoke jewellery brand and has always had 3 main objectives to;

  • Dress you in opulence
  • Bring a personal story to our client’s jewel box
  • Leave our clients feeling as good as they look through our tailored service. 

What sets us (and you when you wear us!) apart from the crowd is the travel-inspirations behind the designs and the ability to personalize each piece for our clients in-house as the majority of our jewellery is hand made. 

We have strong ethos and focus on personal branding and are dedicated to educating our customer on what they wear and giving them more than just a piece of jewellery!

Our handmade designs contain the standard Trousseau promise of:

- A Silver alloy
- Semi-Precious Stones
- Plated precious metal

To see more about how our Jewels are made, please refer to the TrousseauWay section on our website.

Currently we have two branches to the collections; Trousseau-LIMITED, which are statement one-off pieces and Trousseau-Ready to Wear that is more mass produced but essentially simpler jewellery more suitable for every day wear. Both collections are inspired by Urvi’s travels across Central America, Africa and India.

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